Showcases of Pre-Approved Solutions

The list of our current showcases and a brief descriptions can be found here:

S/N Company Solution (s)
1 Intercorp Biometric Solution
2 Ishikawa Business Analytics for Retail
3 MEVO Distribution Management System
4 Crosstrack Distribution Management System
5 VeriTAG Enterprise Cloud Tagging Solutions
6 CuTech Fleet management
7 IDEE Fleet management
8 V3 Fleet Management System
9 Dining Butler Integrated F&B Operational System and Diners Data Management
10 Dodoca Integrated Mobile Marketing Productivity Solution
11 SmartComm Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System Version 7 (IVMSv7)
12 Versafleet Logistics Operations Management System
13 Gamurai Retail Hair and Beauty Salon Full Workflow and Management System
14 Gabkotech (iREP) Visitor Management, Security & Smart Toilet
15 Gabkotech (m2sense) Visitor Management, Security & Smart Toilet
16 V3 Workforce Management


SMEs can access a resilient supply of easy-to-use proven Infocomm Media (ICM) solutions that are pre-approved by IMDA and supported by government grants.

Examples of proven ICM solutions are digital ordering and payment, supply chain optimization and resource and billing management.

This will be further enhanced with the development of the Industry Digital Plans that will be available end 2017.

For the list of pre-approved solutions under the SMEs Go Digital programme, click here.

From basic needs such as accounting software and CRM tools to more advanced needs such as data analytics and cybersecurity, SMEs Go Digital will provide a more focused and structured support for SMEs.

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