Event Code - NIL
Start Date - 19-Mar-2018
End Date - 19-Mar-2018
Time - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue - 201 Henderson Road, Singapore


Hear from industry experts about strategic initiatives in this transformation from manpower dependent/ silo operation to tech/ data augmented operation. Organized by Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and vCargo Cloud (vCC) .

The largest transport company today does not own a single vehicle, the largest hotel business does not own a single property and our favourite hawker fare can now be prepared by machines.

We are in a digital economy which brings various forms of disruption on every front. So how do you keep up with the pace and stay relevant in this radical shift in the trade and logistics industry?

SMEs Go Digital – Building Digital Ready Businesses

e-Cargo Consolidation Platform (Industry-led Pilot Project Supported by IMDA)

Consultation Session